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Dear Net Entrepreneur

They called us crazy.

Before MacLeaders.Com released this package, we ran it by a few seasoned Internet Marketers, networkers and industry leaders and the response we got back from all of them was that we was CRAZY!

We've taken a ton of the absolute best webmaster scripts, added a ton of marketing tools, and resources, and combined them all into one package that would normally cost $1,000's of dollars on their own elsewhere and packaged them all up into one package that comes with absolute FULL RESALE RIGHTS!

This Huge package can earn you $$$$ in a very short time as almost all of these products come with Master Resale Rights!

They figured we were crazy not only because we were giving away some of my most exclusive webmaster scripts and marketing tools, but because these products actually work so well that I should really be charging much, much more for them.

Even if you don't have your own web site already, The Market Masters Kit can create one for you in a split second! It's the only piece of software you'll ever need to start pulling in cash with your web site!

I Hope You Like Reading - This List Below Is HUGE!!

This List of Amazing website scripts goes on and on. You will be reading for a while to see all of the great webmaster scripts and tools we have added to this amazing resell package.

First - 51 Incredible Webmaster Scripts

  • 1) PHP Link Listing Script:
    The Script Is Unique from Other Link Listing Scripts In That It Creates Different "Rooms" For Different Links! Making This Powerful Script its Own Little Web Surfing Tool For The Visitor Of The Site! It Is More Or Less A Nice Little Search Engine! Once A Visitor Signs Up For The Website they are placed on a mailing list, and the script automatically sends out an email to each visitor every time a new link is added! You Can Make Money Selling Advertising To Other Webmasters! The Automatic Email Will Guarantee Your advertisers that their link will be seen! The Visitor will have a choice on whether to receive an email for each link OR one email with all new links listed! There is a top ten list for the most popular links! When you add a new wing, you choose a name and also who can get there. You may have rooms that are off-limits to the public. These private rooms will never be shown to the public or appear in the Top 10, Last 10 and Random lists! A very nice script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    2) PHP MySQL Yahoo Style Link Directory/Search Engine:
    This Script is a PHP and MySQL powered links database which allows You to run a database driven categorized links section on a web site - similar in structure to Yahoo or any other categorized links collection. Features include:
    * Fully database driven utilizing MySQL.
    * Full template system allowing you to control the HTML output of the script without needing to alter any of the PHP code.
    * Easily customizable if you wish to alter the script in any way.
    * Very easy to admin via the web - log in and add / edit categories and links.
    * Visitors to your site can recommend new links, which you can then validate.
    * Allows visitors to rate your links from 1-10, and displays average rating.
    * Rating a link more than once is discouraged using cookies.
    * Number of hits each link has received is recorded and displayed.
    * Very easy to set up and use, thanks to an installation script and config file.
    * Built in Search Feature.
    * Most popular, top rated and newest links pages.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    3) PHP MySQL Website Stats Business:

    This script is simply awesome! It is a new PHP script, and will allow you to set up your own link tracking business! There are two different memberships you can sell with this script, and both are beneficial to you! The lite membership costs less, but requires your customer's to keep a banner to your website on theirs in order to track their stats! The pro membership of course costs more (Whatever price you set!) and does not require the customer to link to your site! The script automatically takes payments via the PayPal subscription method so you are insured to receive your fees every month! It also keeps track of your customers statistics daily, weekly, and monthly! This is a VERY nice script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    4) Automated Form Submission Prevention Script [NEW!]
    Did you ever sign up for a website that makes you enter a combination of distorted letters and numbers to prevent automated signup and wish you could add that script to your site? Well now you can. This script generates distorted images of random sequences that most humans can read, but computers cannot, therefore to prevent automated robots from submitting forms and signing up for your service.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    5) A Sophisticated PHP Ecommerce Site
    This script will allow you to run a very nice, and very secure ecommerce area or store front from your website! It is very easy to install and comes with an installer script so that all you need to do to set it up is point and click! This in-depth script will keep your customer's entire records safe in a database, and will allow you to update orders and more! Highly Recommended!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    6) The Well Known osCommerce PHP Shopping Cart! However This Is NOT The Snapshot Version! This Is The MILESTONE RELEASE!:
    osCommerce is quickly becoming the shopping cart of choice for many online merchants! This script is simply AWESOME! You can literally have a store set up and ready to take orders within an hour! The script comes with a VERY easy to use admin section where you add all of the products, manage customers, shipping, tax, payment process, inventory, and just so much more to mention! You can use MANY, MANY different payment gateways with osCommerce including PayPal, 2Checkout, authorize.net, and many more! This version of the script is NOT simply the snapshot version THIS IS THE MILESTONE RELEASE!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    7) Your Own FTP Program Written In PHP:
    This is another truly GREAT PHP script! This script actually allows you to set-up and run YOUR OWN FTP SERVER! The best thing about having your own FTP server is You know who is using your FTP and if there is someone trying to retrieve your password for your server! (Which is impossible to do with this script I might add!) You will be able to set up and use your own FTP program with ALL of the benefits of the expensive FTP software! If you are a web host, or have any anonymous FTP users this script will also let your customers use it for their uploading purposes as well!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    8) A FAQ Generator PHP Script:
    Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to add your customer's frequently asked questions to your website? This script will easily allow you to add topics, and questions to your new FAQ page! It is very easy to install, And comes with an administration section so that you can add the information to your page/pages directly from your web browser! Every site needs to have a FAQ page for the sake of its clients, and this script provides the easiest way to build one!
    Comes With Reseller Rights

    9) Two Very Nice PHP Toplists Scripts!
    The First Is A Detailed PHP Script With MANY Features:

    If you have ever wanted to run your own toplist website THIS IS THE SCRIPT FOR YOU! It comes with such advanced features as Anti-Cheating, Rules members MUST follow, Easy to match the look of your website, looks up lost passwords, allows you to decide if you want to allow banners to be used by your visitors, Allows you to sell advertising for your toplist, and a lot more! A very sophisticated script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    10) The Second Is A VERY Nicely Designed PHP Topsite Script:
    This toplist script has a VERY nice design to it! It is very easy to install, and is template based so all of the HTML work has already been done for you! This toplist script is limited ONLY BY YOU! You can allow as many or as few links to be added to the entire list, or even page by page! Many toplists make the major search engines fast due to the amount of links, and visitors they receive! This is a great way to SELL advertising Or simply advertise your own websites!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    11) Two Auction Scripts 1 PHP, And 1 Perl/CGI!
    The First Is a Popular PHP Auction script!

    This is a VERY nice PHP auction script! It Is a very easy script to install! There are Many Premium features that come with this auction script! Once it is installed you can easily manage your new auction site from a secure administration section! You can manage the look of your website, manage all of your users, approve, and delete members, send out a newsletter, and much more right from your browser! The script will automatically notify your customers when they register, get outbid, win an auction, or owe you money! Once it is installed it is virtually a hands off business!
    Comes With Reseller Rights

    12) The Second Is Another Popular CGI Auction Script!
    A Perl Auction Script That Is Used WIDELY By webmasters! The Script Comes with MASTER Resale Rights! Create auction sites with unlimited categories, and set the price you wish to charge! There is only 1 file to upload to your CGI-Bin! Make a few changes, and WOW! You've got your own Auction website!
    Comes With Reseller Rights

    13) Two Affiliate Scripts Both Written In PHP!
    The First Is A Very Simple Script To Run: Script 1 Script 2

    This PHP MySQL script will allow you to run your own affiliate program! One of the easiest ways to get QUALITY traffic to your website is to start your own affiliate program! Pay your affiliates per click, per sale, or in tiers! You will find that when you get more and more affiliates signed up, your sales will skyrocket!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    14) POP-UP Creator:
    This set of scripts will amaze you when you see how easy it is to create your own POP-UPS on your website! The Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Popups So Easy, A Child Can Do It! If You Ever Wanted To Use The Power of PopUps, This Software Is For You! This version of the POP-UP generator also supports the cookie based pop-ups!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    15) PHP Authentication Script NICE!:
    If you are looking for a way to secure an area of your website this is one of the most powerful, and secure ways to do so! This PHP MySQL script secures your member's passwords via the powerful MD5 in MySQL! Your members can finally feel secure about their passwords being secure when you use this script! The script is VERY easy to install!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    16) The Perpetual Traffic Generator:
    If you are in need of traffic to your website this script is for you! It Will Increases your traffic by a whopping 927%, Allows you to generate traffic 24/7 absolutely FREE! Frees you up from clicking away mindlessly in front of the PC to chalk up traffic credits. Just set it up and itll do all the work for you. Sends a stampede of visitors to your website the very day you invest in this incredible web marketing tool Makes you kick butt profit in the traffic generation process!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    17) A PHP Links Exchange Website Script:
    This link exchange script is a PHP script that allows your visitors to sign up for an account, and add their link to your website! It keeps track of all dead links on your website so that you can easily maintain your site, and keep dead links off of your link exchange! It also has an administration section that is password protected, and allows you to add categories, links, approve, disapprove, and delete links right from your browser! This would be a very nice script to start up a paid or free link exchange! Either way you win because Linking is the best way to get listed in the major search engines!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    18) Two ClickBank/Affiliate Scripts
    The First Is The Affiliate Linkmasker:

    This Script Stops you from losing your hard earned affiliate commission. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant affiliate link masker does The Rest For You! Instant affiliate link masker puts more money in your bank account and NOT somebody else's! Makes sure you get credit for your affiliate referrals. Quickly create your masked affiliate link in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Affiliate Link Masker automatically creates your affiliate web page for you With Instant affiliate link masker you can instantly protect and encrypt your affiliate link. Encrypt an unlimited number of affiliate links. No software to install, just download, unzip and run!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    19) The Second ClickBank Script Is The Instant Site Maker:
    You can automatically build profit pulling web pages in an instant! Quickly create stunning web pages in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Site Maker automatically creates your web pages for you. No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant Site Maker creates your sales page, thank you page and even automatically creates your ClickBank instant download link. No software to install - just download and run. (Requires Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher) Forget about difficult and tedious hand coding of your web pages . . . Instant Site Maker does it for you and without HTML errors. Instant Site Maker lets you create your own custom web pages instantly. No need to learn HTML or spend hours debugging code, just paste your sales copy straight from MS Word. With Instant Site Maker you can instantly and easily add testimonials to your web page. Quickly and easily create the ClickBank order links so customers can immediately order products from your site. Quickly and easily create your ClickBank thank you page. Quickly create your product download link - so customers' get their products automatically as soon as their order is processed. Quickly and easily create web pages that are fully optimized for high search engine ranking because Instant Site Maker is designed to automatically include search engine friendly HTML code (meta tags) for your pages.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    20) A "Suggest My Site" Script [NEWer]
    Let your visitors suggest your site easily by just filling out a form. This script checks the required fields, sends a thank you message to the person who suggests your site and attaches a pre-defined text to the suggestion mail. Supports both English and Turkish languages.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    21) A PHP Script For Building A Web Ring:
    A Webring Script! Create Your Own Network Of Websites by creating a webring with this nice script! It will automatically email the members of your webring, and keeps detailed stats of the visitors you receive to your webring! A Very nice well designed script, and very easy to install!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    22) A PayPal Store shopping cart:
    This is among the absolute best carts that you will find because this script is extremely easy and can be used for home business or small business. This script is among the easiest to setup and use plus supports PayPal.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    23) PHP Form To Email Script SECURE!:
    It is hard to find a form mail script that will securely deliver your client's results every time, while concealing your email from the spam bots! This Script Will Do Just That! The script was cleverly written to disguise your email address, and yet get the results of every form filled out straight to your inbox! We recommend this script highly, and our clients LOVE it!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    24) A Online MultiPlayer Chess Script [NEWer]
    This is an advanced WebChess game where two people can meet up online and play vs. each other. It has many advanced features such as Pawn Promotion, Move Validations, Tells if King is checked, and many, many more. It requires PHP and at least one MySQL Database.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    25) A Super Easy Administration Program [NEWer]
    With this super easy admin program user's can create, modify, and delete files and directories. The code is in a modular format so new modules can be easily created and added. The download is small and contains no un-necessary images or advertising. This is the newest version which has encrypted passwords and now works on newer PHP systems and does not require register_globals to be on.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    26) A Sharable Web-Based Address Book Script [NEWer]
    This script is a web based address book, sharable, multilingual with data import/export features and is based on PHP4 and MySQL. Main features include Create/Access your address book on an internet website; import/export your addresses from/to your email client and/or other address manager applications, users and contacts groups management, group's members messages send facilities (small mailing list utilities which won't replace a mailing list manager). This script is also tunable (colors, fonts, content display, language). This script also comes with installation instructions in French (other than English).
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    27) A News Publishing Script [NEWer]
    With this state-of-the-art news publishing script written in PHP and using MySQL, you can post news any time anywhere to your website by using the password protected administration section. Some features include; post news, delete news, delete all news, edit news, delete multiple news, change status (make visible/invisible), supports multi-language, supports CSS, you can call the script via Javascript, allow/disallow html, display news as NEW for any amount of time, display the latest news, display all the news, display full story and display how many times an article has been read.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    28) A "Users Online" Script [NEW!]
    This "Users Online" script is written in PHP and allows you to display the exact amount of online users on your website in a very convenient and efficient way. "Users Online" scripts make your website look high-tech and professional and are something no webmaster should be without on his/her website.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    29) Awesome File Transfer Script [NEW!]
    This awesome file transfer script allows your users to upload and download files from your server; it id highly configurable with user accounts support. Users can give descriptions to files, create and delete their own files and directories and sort lists by filename, upload date or downloads. Currently supports English, Italian and Spanish, but you can customize the application in your language too. If you own a community website such as an online forum or wish to start one, this is the perfect script for you either as a stand-alone or an extra service on your website. This script can get visitors to come and keep coming back time and time again.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    30) Affiliate Banner Rotation Script [NEW!]
    This affiliate banner rotation script is probably the most easiest to install ad manager on the web! All you've have to do is upload a list of all your affiliate advertising codes in a list and that is about it. Simply include the script using a PHP include code (included) and you're on you way fast and easy. The script changes which advertisement will be viewed next making sure that all your adverts get equal viewing (does NOT show at random like most scripts) and the script requires the page to be refreshed to change the advertisement seen so that you get extended viewing per banner.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    31) Simply AWESOME Dating Website Script [NEW!]
    This is simply one of the best dating scripts available written in PHP & MySQL. Several cool features available in this script are users can add, edit and delete profiles, upload up to three photos, user messaging system, users can set to be notified when another user will reads their message, users are given numeric usernames to increase privacy, who is online feature, recommend us feature, current birthday list and statistics on the main page (amount of men and woman members).
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    32) Simple yet Powerful Download Counter Script! [NEW!]
    This simple yet powerful download counter will log the details of anyone who downloads any file you specify. It will log their IP Address, Remote Address, browser type and even operating system and you can easily modify and add new downloads through a powerful password protected admin panel. This script can keep track of an unlimited number of files. MySQL and SSI (Server Side Includes) are required.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    33) Another "Users Online" Script! [NEW!]
    This Users Online script shows how many users are on your website, you can change the time in which the MySQL Database Table is refreshed so you can count users online per minute, hour, week etc! This script is more user friendly and comes with a "setup.php" installation file which will set the script up for you.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    34) Text based counter written in PHP [NEW!]
    You can quit paying for traffic counter services. This script is a very simple and super easy to install webpage hit counter. The font and color of the counter are completely customizable and there are only 2 files to upload to your web server. Plus you will even have the ability to separate the thousands for added customization.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    35) A FAQ manager written in PHP and MySQL [NEW!]
    This PHP "FAQ" manager is a simple script yet powerful script that will help you to create (and manage) a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your site. It is written in PHP, MySQL and FastTemplate so it is fast and easy to configure. Every website needs a FAQ page so you don't look like just another "fly-by-night" website that won't be in business for longer than a month or two.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    36) A Sports League, Fixture and Prediction Management Script written in PHP and MySQL! [NEW!]
    This powerful script is a football management software written in PHP that use a MySQL database. It has a modular design and comes with two free modules. The league module features wizards for managing a football league, fixtures, games, teams, results, divisions, etc. League team statistics are automatically calculated and updated every time a game is played/entered. The news module features an HTML news creator/editor that can be used to post news.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    37) A PHP Whois Lookup Script! [NEW!]
    This script is a ready to use whois lookup PHP script that all you have to do is unpack, upload and you are ready to go. The script checks for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info. domain names. No PHP knowledge required! This is the latest updated version which is super easily to customize; you can easily change the language (few lines) or disable domains you don't need.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    38) HOT PHP Visitor Logging Script! [NEW!]
    This Hot PHP script is a state-of-the-art visitor logging script that can easily display 10 vital statistics about your users. The advanced visit logs this script generator tells you the IP Address, language, browser, operating system, if the user is new to your website, date and time of visit, last visit, days since last visit, referrer page and the keywords they used to find your website (if applicable).
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    39) Live Help Script! [NEW VERSION]
    A live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the visitor. Other features include either text based database or MySQL database, chat notification, user is typing message, multiple chat sessions and multiple operators.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    40) PHP & MySQL Content Management System [NEW!]
    This hot script installs in just minutes on any Windows, UNIX, Linux, or BSD based web server and setup is made super easy through a complete web-based installation system and an included installation guide. Once this software is installed changes to the content of your website is made in complete real-time through an easy to use web-based administration control panel. The control panel allows you to tune every aspect of your web sites visual appearance and layout and also provides an easy to use content authoring & management approach unique to this script. The visual appearance, layout properties, and navigation scheme of the web site can be instantly changed at a global level selecting from installed professional looking skins and navigation bars which will automatically reformat the look of your content "on the fly" while leaving your database driven content completely untouched. Users of this script will find that authoring and editing content for the web site is a snap by making use of the enhanced authoring interface which includes support for both WYSIWYG editors and plain text/HTML markup languages. Uploading and managing your files is also simple using the included file management utility allowing you to upload your images, documents and other files directly from your computers hard disk to the web server where it will become available for use in your websites content. This script is a must have for webmasters who are looking to make completely managing their website a breeze without a lot of programming knowledge.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    41) An Electronic Reminder Script [NEW!]
    This script allows web-clients to set up reminders to automatically email them at a certain time to remind them of special events. They can set up a one-time reminder or a recurring reminder and they can have it notify them in advance.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    42) Hot Mailing List Script! [NEW!]
    This mailing list management script is written in PHP and all subscriber info is stored in a MySQL database for security. Features include checking whether a subscriber is or isn't already registered/subscribed, sending out messages at the time of subscribing and unsubscribing. A powerful and user-friendly administration control panel allows you to send messages, list and delete subscribers, supports HTML emails, gives a preview of the message before sending, logging system, multilanguage support for English, French, Italian and German, plus a user-friendly web configuration and installation system.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    43) Web-based Image Management System! [NEW!]
    This hot web-based image management system is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It features cataloguing by standard comment fields or Photoshop-type embedded comment fields, sub-categorizing into separate repositories, database searching capability, and more. This is a great script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    44) Web-based POP Email Client! [NEW!]
    This script is a web-based POP mail client and is very simple to install but nevertheless a quite advanced program. Some of its features include easy to install (does not require PHP to be compiled with IMAP support), reads and sends attachments, displays text/HTML attachments in-line (while still giving you the option of saving them to your hard drive), all the basic functions (send, receive, reply, reply to all, forward, delete), view all headers or the full source of the email, works even if the user has disabled cookies, localized date field, translated into several languages, can be set up to check for new messages automatically, customizable page layout, and more. Awesome Script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    45) AX-Gold web Pack 5 Hot Scripts [NEW!]
    This Pack includes the following very useful Scripts:
    Easy Web Uploader - The Easy Way To Upload Your Web Site
    Free software uploads your web site with a single button click, tracking changes you make to your files on your PC and automatically updating your web host to match.

    Affiliate Shield - Increase Your Affiliate Commissions Automatically
    Affiliate Shield will scan your entire site and install special script to hide your affiliate links from showing in your visitors browser status bar. Tests have proven this simple trick can substantially boost your commissions.

    Weblink Checker - Stop Broken Links Damaging Your Business
    Free software checks your site for broken links, protecting you against lost sales, lost visitors and damage to your search engine ranking.

    Affiliate Diamond Lite - Protect Affiliate Links Sent In Emails
    Affiliate Diamond Lite uses a proven technique to increase your affiliate commissions when you send links in emails.

    Spambot Guardian - Stop Your Email Address Being Harvested
    Spambots are Internet robots sent out by spammers to search the Internet for email links and harvest the email addresses for spamming purposes. Spambot Guardian will instantly encrypt your email links, protecting you from receiving an avalanche of spam.
    Awesome Pack of Scripts!
    Comes with Resale Rights!

    46) EasyBanner Exchange System! [NEW!]
    Easy Banner is a PHP script for running your own banner exchange system. Members of the banner exchange show banners on their sites and in return their own banner is displayed across the banner exchange. You, as the owner of the banner exchange take part of the banner impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own site or for sale. This is a great script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    47) Submit-A-Link - Link exchange system [NEW!]
    Submit-a-link gives you the ability to offer Instant Links on your site. Your ads appear above and below the links. They also appear on the Submit page. You only need to edit one file and upload! Very easy to use.

    Also this script doubles as an opt in list! When they submit there link, they give you permission to send them email.
    Comes with Resale Rights!

    48) Website Hitch-Hiker traffic enhancer! [NEW!]
    Website Hitch-Hiker is an easy to use Javascript browser that attaches itself to your web pages. Visitors to your site can EASILY bookmark, print pages, search, and more. In addition, you can move the Hitch-Hiker to anywhere on your page. Users can close the Website Hitch-Hiker and easily bring it back by double clicking anywhere on your page. The script is easy to install. All you have to do is copy the code into body of your page and upload 2 images. It's something that is different and will get your website remembered. This is a very interesting script!
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    49) EzyAutoHits - automated start pages! - [NEW!]
    Ezy Auto-Hits allows you to automate any number of Start Pages and lets you surf them all day. Even automate your Auto-Hit programs. Very easy to use.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    50) Doorway Express - create search engine traffic - [NEW!]
    With Doorway Express, you can EASILY create search engine friendly "doorway" pages. Multiply your website's chances of getting terrific search rankings! Very easy to use.
    Comes with MASTER Resale Rights!

    51) PHP Traffic Exchange +Banners - bring extra traffic to your customers websites (and yours)
    This Traffic exchange Script will provide you with an endless source of visitors as you will be helping your members to increase their Site Traffic. This is an easy to install traffic exchange program.

    Comes with Resale Rights!

If you read the list above in detail, it's hard NOT to understand why these scripts are worth thousands of dollars and this package will be the easiest sale you ever made when you resell this for profit!

Next - Tons of Marketing Tools

These Tools are all included in this package As A Bonus!
  • Autoresponder Pro - This is a Full Pro Version Autoresponder
  • AutoHits Startpage System - Thousands of Hits to Your Site
  • Exit Exchange Pro - Run your own full fledged, super cool, Power packed Exit exchange system!
  • iMailing List PRO
  • Magic Subscriber
  • Traffic Maniac
  • Perpetual Traffic
  • Traffic Boost
  • Black Label Tools
  • URL Rotator System
  • Popup generator
  • Keyword generator
  • My Mail Mailing system
  • Free To Sell Massive Package
  • Monster E-Book Package

The above bonus tools and downloads we added to this package are worth hundreds of dollars alone. This is not just an ordinary resell package that you have seen over and over, but a one of a kind absolute monster package.

This is the biggest most incredible package ever offered on the internet by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We must be absolutely, totally INSANE!

PLUS: This package comes complete with your own copy of this site you can add to your own server or website to use for reselling this package. Modify the Payment links, processor links and even the OptinBlast.Com and MacLeaders.Com affiliate links to your own and start earning massive income from 100% of the sales this page will generate.

You can literally resell this package for the set price as many times as you want and keep 100% of the profits!!

We've had a few really serious Internet Marketers look at this mind-blowing package and some have said "don't sell it at all" This is worth thousands of dollars if you market these separately and sell each individual script and tool by itself.

And to even think of selling it for only $129.99 is absolutely CRAZY!!

We are already getting a lot of slaps on the wrist from some of the people we work with for releasing it this cheap, but we really want this package to help people sell and make a nice online income. And we believe this package can do just that.


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